Park Estates homeowners are contractually obligated to abide by the CC&Rs for their respective tracts as well as rules approved by the PEHA Board of Directors.  This page highlights some of the more common issues that are governed by our CC&Rs and California law. Please keep it on hand for your reference and call your tract rep or the PEHA office if you have any questions.

Violation of any PEHA Operating Rule may result in the assessment of fines listed in the PEHA SCHEDULE OF MONETARY PENALTIES.


No poultry, livestock, or other exotic animals, except common household pets, may be kept or maintained on any lot, and no animal may annoy or disturb the neighborhood.


Residents shall not operate any business from their household that requires clients to come to their residence. This includes, but is not limited to, offering the residence as a short-term rental or bed and breakfast inn, and operating a school, child care center for over 8 children, dance or art studio, and the like.


Estate sales, garage sales, yard sales, or similar sales or events, are not permitted in Park Estates. These events create unacceptable traffic, parking, and safety issues.


A fundamental goal of the PEHA Architectural Review Board (ARB) is to prevent the construction of buildings that could depreciate the values of the neighboring properties. Homeowners MUST obtain the approval of the ARB prior to beginning any improvement project on the exterior of their homes.  See “Getting your Project Approved by the Architectural Review Board.”


Hedges must not impede the mutual visibility of cars and pedestrians, causing safety issues, and must be kept in a healthy growing condition, trimmed, and cultivated.


Except for certain lots in Tract 17908, all lots are for single family homes of not more than two stories. Auxiliary Dwelling Units are prohibited. Restrictions on the size of garages are in each tract’s CC&Rs. Lot coverage is defined as land area that is enclosed on at least 3 sides with a roof and floor, including garages and other auxiliary structures. Lot coverage may not exceed 40% of the lot for single story structures and 33 1/3% for all others.


Plants, vegetation, and other landscaping must be kept in a healthy growing condition, trimmed, and cultivated. Residents have the option of living grass, artificial turf or drought tolerant landscaping. Except during a declared drought state of emergency, dead lawns are only allowed while transitioning to Long Beach approved drought tolerant landscaping.


Portable toilets must be placed on the property out of sight from the street, never on the parkway. If unable to place the toilet out of sight from the street, temporary lattice work must be placed around it to obscure the view.


ARB approval is required in advance of all re-roofing projects. The CC&Rs for each of the tracts are specific in the type of roofing material that is approved for each tract, and ARB advice on roofing solutions is available. While composite (asphalt) shingles are not allowed, advances in other roofing materials enable the ARB to be somewhat flexible in approving options that didn’t exist in the past.


Each tract, and even individual lots within a tract, may have different setbacks. All homes and other structures are to maintain the required setbacks on all sides. Side yard setbacks on corner lots are established by the front setbacks on the adjoining homes.


Temporary storage units, i.e. PODS, shipping containers, etc., may not be placed on any part of the property without prior approval of the PEHA Architectural Review Board. They must be used exclusively for renovation projects and not for general storage. Unless otherwise authorized by the ARB, temporary storage units shall be removed within 6 months after beginning a renovation project.


Leaving sports equipment and/or children’s toys on front yards or parkway strips presents an unacceptable condition. They must be removed from the front yard and moved beyond the front setback each evening from sundown to sunrise, except on weekends.


Trees 12 feet or more in height cannot be removed without first obtaining ARB approval. (See previous page for procedure to obtain approval.) A homeowner who removes such a tree without approval is subject to substantial fines and required to replace the tree.



Large trucks, recreational vehicles, campers, buses, boats and commercial vehicles of any kind or type cannot be parked, kept, or maintained on any portion of a lot, except in a completely enclosed garage. The same applies to trailers except for tracts whose CC&Rs prohibit trailers.

PEHA’s legal counsel has advised that violation of the regulations may be grounds for legal action. Such action may include an award of legal fees and costs incurred in any such enforcement action. The goal of the CC&Rs is to maintain the safety, beauty, and desirability of Park Estates. If you have any questions at all, contact the Association or your tract representative.

PEHA Administrative Office

P.O. Box 15309

Long Beach, CA 90815


(562)  498-3383

PEHA Board meeting minutes, CC&Rs, and Bylaws may be referenced on our website:

Hard copies of the Bylaws and CC&Rs for your tract are available from the PEHA office at a cost of $10. The office is not staffed on a full-time basis, so it is important to leave a message, including your name, address, and phone number, so your call can be returned as quickly as possible.